Your company has a great story to tell. As one of the world’s leading consumer credit companies, you help millions gain credit to buy cars, homes and more. As a result, you’ve made Equifax a household name and a Fortune 500 juggernaut.

You want to increase awareness. Yet some consumers still view you as the “credit bureau” and aren’t aware of your personal solutions products that can alert them about their credit reports, scores and identity theft.

So you hire a storyteller. The Wilbert Group, your PR agency, creates a robust media strategy to spotlight your personal solutions business. Wilbert localizes your quarterly consumer debt trends into pitches for each major media market in the U.S., drafts compelling white papers and releases on ID theft, and unearths “news of the day” interview opportunities for your thought leaders.

Now your story is in all the right places. Your consumer-focused business is a big hit in USA Today and in newspapers in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, LA and Orlando, among others, while Wilbert secures interviews on CNN and local TV for your senior executives.




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