Law Firm Expansion

Your company has a great story to tell. You’re a fast-growing regional law firm with 550+ attorneys in 14 offices across the Southeast and mid-Atlantic. Now you’re eyeing Europe for your next big growth spurt.

You want to increase awareness. You’ve been secretly negotiating with a large London-based law firm on a possible transatlantic alliance. When you announce the deal, you want maximum media exposure to attract new clients and lateral partners.

So you hire a storyteller. The Wilbert Group is hired to create a media strategy that will ensure coverage in the U.S. by local and national newspapers as well as legal trades. Wilbert drafts messaging, press releases and media pitches – and develops a strategy to offer an exclusive to The Wall Street Journal.

Now your story is in all the right places. The morning of the big announcement starts with a bang with a story in the Journal titled "Law Firms Across the Pond Forge Alliance," followed by a string of positive media articles in key markets (Atlanta, Winston-Salem and Columbia, S.C.) and legal publications (American Lawyer and Law360).


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