Piedmont Hospital

Your company has a great story to tell. You’re one of Atlanta’s leading hospitals and nationally renowned for your orthopedics, oncology, cardiovascular and transplants practices. And, as Piedmont Hospital, you’re a longtime and caring member of the Atlanta community.

You need to head off potential issues. Now comes the biggest hospital project in the history of Georgia. You want to demolish an antiquated facility on Peachtree Street and build a 13-story, $500 million facility to house those stellar practices – but some neighboring communities might protest the project 

So you hire a storyteller. The Wilbert Group is retained to bolster your community outreach efforts and craft messaging that will explain to your neighbors the benefits of the new hospital tower, why its construction is critical to area healthcare, and how it won’t be a nuisance to their neighborhoods.

Now your story is making a difference. Wilbert convenes several neighborhood groups to provide them exclusive details on the new medical tower and seek their input on important issues. They unanimously support the project, which helps win approval from state regulators.



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