Atlantic Station

Your company has a great story to tell. As Atlanta’s premier in-town dining, drinking, shopping, working and living destination, you’ve got a million stories to tell. Atlantic Station has overcome a less-than-great reputation a decade ago to become a vibrant, walkable community with compelling stories to tell every day.

You want to increase awareness. To remain an in-town hot spot, you must generate a consistent drumbeat of positive stories about your restaurants, shops and attractions.

So you hire a storyteller. The Wilbert Group focuses its creative juices on the next big trend: the new Pokemon Go craze sweeping Atlanta and the nation. Wilbert invites Atlanta’s top business columnist to attend planning for a huge Pokemon scavenger hunt. Wilbert also produces press releases and pitches about the event, and engages with a local group of Pokemon Go enthusiasts.

Now your story is in all the right places. The event draws a crowd of 700, multiple media stories in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and elsewhere that reach about 11.7 million Atlantans, 38,000 people who watch the Facebook event page, and nearly 40,000 Twitter impressions.


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